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23 hours ago, ThatJerkDave said:

Octopuses.  "Octopi," is the Latin plural, but "octopus" is a Greek word.  However, the word:  "octopus," has been adopted into the English language, making the proper plural:  "octopuses."


I learn things about animals that I am scared of.  

dominus vobiscum, this former altar boy doesn't know Greek.

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Are we not men? Are we all wusses?

To stand this talk of octopusses?

Latin, Greek, and English scholars

From Ivy Halls and Mountain Hollers

Have honored in this way spectacular, 

A graceful beast with arms tentacular,

By pluralizing, damn the what or why,

The lot of them as OCTOPI!

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1 hour ago, Fl0nkerton said:


You are correct.

The article I was looking said "on average between 2 to 4 Americans die each year from vending machine accidents". I used 3 based off of that. After looking into it the actual number is 2.18 deaths per year. The article also stated there was a death cause by sharks every two years. I used .5 based off of that. After looking into it there have been 36 "unprovoked" shark attack deaths in the last 60 years in the US. So .6 deaths per year.

Should read....

Fun fact.....

As an American, statistically, you are 3.63 times more likely to be killed by a vending machine than a shark.

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2 hours ago, Uffdaswede said:

Not disagreeing, really, but there are differences in the ticket-punching. The shark is more easily manipulated, given its piscine brain. A punch to the eye or snout might re-set its priority from feeding to avoidance.

An orca, on the other hand, is processing information way differently. Generally, they seem to identify humans and watercraft as something different and avoid them. I’m not telling you something you don’t know obviously. I’m just pointing out that there is already a mammalian calculation evident in their relation to us. Should the calculation change and we become a hunted target... pfft! Better have a harpoon cannon in your back pocket to even things up, because they have home field advantage, they know our playbook, their brains are bigger, their brawn is like Katy Perry vs Refrigerator Perry, and they have generational memories stretching back eons while we can’t remember what we ate for breakfast yesterday. 

They say that, but have you ever thrown a punch underwater? If you are bitten, and still have the wherewithal to function, grabbing and pulling the gills, or eye gouge is probably the best bet.  Or maybe bite it back, it wouldn't expect that. 

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2 minutes ago, ThatJerkDave said:

Are North Americans safer when using heavy equipment, or do most of the accidents just not get filmed? I have been watching heavy equipment failures and accidents, and most seem to be by Indians or Russians.


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9 minutes ago, ThatJerkDave said:

What is "an unprovoked" shark attack?  

According to Wikipedia it's one that is considered "predatory in nature". Basically it sounds to me like if the human is dumb enough to instigate the situation it doesn't count as a shark attack. 🤷

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37 minutes ago, wgbeethree said:

According to Wikipedia it's one that is considered "predatory in nature". Basically it sounds to me like if the human is dumb enough to instigate the situation it doesn't count as a shark attack. 🤷

Hands up! Don’t bite!

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I vowed to never scuba dive...over my fear of sharks.

Then...I got the chance to scuba in the ocean.  I was a nervous wreck.  The guy training me for the dive had to calm me down and he stayed with me for the entire dive.

Towards the end, he motioned in the water for me to look above my head.  Yep.  There was a shark.  Thing could have been a three footer, but my mind's eye saw Jaws.  We got out of there, went to the surface and the instructor told me that there were sharks all around us, he just alerted me at the end.

I cursed at him, then laughed.

I survived and the dive was amazing, but I'm done now.  No need to do that again.  Ever.

I've caught a lot of fish in my life.  Filleted and eaten many of them.  Would be ironic if I turned out to be food.  So yah,  done.

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I do wildlife photography and spend a lot of time around wild animals. Bears, wolves, venomous snakes. I'm always respectful of their wildness and give them space but the only ones that have ever really made me nervous are Bison. Everything else wants to steer clear and give humans a wide berth. Bison don't care one bit and will just go wherever they please, knowing they could smoke you in a second if you act up. Bull Elephant Seals are probably second in that category that I've experienced.

I have watched a few people walk right up to a black bear or bull rocky mountain elk to take cell phone pictures and that's just being a dumb***.

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16 hours ago, incognito_man said:

Has anyone got a bug in the eye so bad it rendered you completely helpless? Was walking dog, took gnat in eye and it dropped me to my knees literally and I was drooling and snotting and moaning and couldn't function it hurt so bad. Can still barely open eye an hour later...

Gnat in eye...in soo much pain.......must..get to ... footballs future...........and.....post ..... about it.......

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