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PHREAK'S Dynasty League (2020 Draft Thread)


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This post will be reserved for our 2020 draft picks only. 

The Draft Officially Starts 7/29

Post your draft pick when your on the clock, use the discussion thread to crow about your pick or heckle the guy on who he picked. 

Everyone has up to 24 hours to make their pick or trade. 

It's encouraged and good etiquette not to take the full 24 if you can. 

Please indicate the draft slot being drafted, Example: (1.15 ) QB Tim Tebow (this will help me update the draft board) 
(King's Pride takes Tebow every year) Smile 

After your pick, always PM the team drafting or mention the next person on the list behind you to let them know there on the clock. 

If you go past the 24 hours the next Owner can draft. 

If you missed your 24 hour window, you can pick your player anytime. Make sure you indicate your draft slot (1.14) to eliminate confusion 

Some Trading/Drafting Guidelines 

Please check in regularly as someone may need a response for a possible trade offer, or you could be on the clock? Changing your forum settings to e-mail to inform you that you have a PM will help keep the draft running smoothly. 

Trades are always welcome. (player for player)(2020 pick for 2020 pick)(player for 2020 pick) 2020 picks/players totals need to equal out so in the end of the draft everyone will have 18 players.

2021 picks can also be traded/added in a trade but each team must have 6 draft pk's at all times  

Any team that drafts a player that exceeds the league player limits per team will still be available to draft. The team will be allowed to draft another player at anytime but the draft won't be stopped to fix it.

At the end of the draft, everyone needs to have 18 players and a full team roster including a DEF & K. 

If your going to be out of town @SimsZilla or T.R. Renegades - @WE-R-Lions can pick for you. Just give us a list. 

All trades need to be confirmed and posted by both parties on the discussion thread.


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2020 Draft Order

2020 Draft Order

1.1 T.R. Renegades - @WE-R-Lions - (via @CalLionsFan) - KC RB Clyde Edwards-Helaire

1.2 Buffalo Bulldogs - @Lionized -(via - @WE-R-Lions )- IND RB Jonathan Taylor

1.3 Lions Pride81 - @Karnage84 - DET RB De' Andre Swift

1.4 Prairie Dogs - @winitall -BAL RB JK Dobbins

1.5  T.R. Renegades - @WE-R-Lions - (via @Lionized) - DAL WR CeeDee Lam

1.6 Old Man Jeb's Shady Taco Cart - @TL-TwoWinsAway - LAR RB Cam Akers

1.7  Hoth Tauntauns - @Lions017 - (via @TL-TwoWinsAway) - (via @Fureys49ers) - DEN WR Jerry Jeudy

1.8 OD's Orcs - @Oregon Ducks - MIN WR Justin Jefferson

1.9 The Murder Mitten - @Irish Ninja - CIN QB Joe Burrow

1.10 Lions Pride81 - @Karnage84-(via @jollyninja) - PHI WR Jalen Reagor

1.11 Lions Pride81 - @Karnage84 -(via @TL-TwoWinsAway - (via @nagahide13) - IND WR Michael Pittman

1.12 Old Man Jeb's Shady Taco Cart - @TL-TwoWinsAway (via- @Lions017 )- LVR WR Henry Ruggs III

1.13 Buffalo Bulldogs - @Lionized - (via @Foooooooootball) - TB RB Ke’Shawn Vaugh

1.14 Team X - @X_Factor_40 - MIA QB Tua Tagovaiola

1.15 King's Pride - @LionsRock - WAS RB Antonio Gibson

1.16 Old Man Jeb's Shady Taco Cart - @TL-TwoWinsAway (via- @Lions017 )--  BUF RB Zack Moss







2.1 Sandy Creek Patriots - @CalLionsFan - SF WR BRandon Aiyuk

2.2 T.R. Renegades - @WE-R-Lions - CIN WR Tee Higgins

2.3 Lions Pride81 - @Karnage84 - NYJ Denzel Mims

2.4 Detroit Styles @fureys49ers via Prairie Dogs - @winitall - GB RB AJ Dillon

2.5 Buffalo Bulldogs - @Lionized - JAC WR Laviska Shenault JR

2.6 Detroit Styles - @Fureys49ers - (via @TL-TwoWinsAway) - LVR Bryan Edwards

2.7 The Murder Mitten - @Irish Ninja - (via @Fureys49ers) - LVR RB Lynn Bowden

2.8 OD's Orcs - @Oregon Ducks - TEN RB Darrynton Evans

2.9 The Murder Mitten - @Irish ninja LAC QB Justin Herbert 

2.10 Old Man Jeb's Shady Taco Cart - @TL-TwoWinsAway  via - @Karnage_84 (via  @jollyninja) - TB TE Rob Gronkowski

2.11 Old Man Jeb's Shady Taco Cart - @TL-TwoWinsAway - 49ers Defense

2.12 Hoth Tauntauns @Lions017  PITT RB Anthony Mcfarland Jr

2.13 Prairie Dogs - @winitall (via  @Foooooooootball) - LAC RB Josh Kelley

2.14 Team X - @X_Factor_40 - PIT WR Chase Claypool

2.15 King's Pride - @LionsRock - PHI RB Boston Scott

2.16 Buffalo Bulldogs - @Lionized (via house tako -@simszilla) - BAL WR Devin Duvernay









3.1 House Tako @SimsZilla (via Sandy Creek Patriots - @CalLionsFan -) - TEN QB Ryan Tannehill

3.2 Sandy Creek Patriots @CalLionsFan (via T.R. Renegades - @WE-R-Lions  WAS WR Antonio Gandy Golden 

3.3 Lions Pride via - @Karnage84 - GB QB JOrdan Love

3.4 T.R. Renegades - @WE-R-Lions (via @Lionized (via Prairie Dogs - @winitall -)) PIT DEF

3.5 Playing for Keeps @Foooooooootball (via Buffalo Bulldogs - @Lionized -) DEN WR KJ Hamler

3.6 Lions Pride81 @karnage84 via  @TL-TwoWinsAway  NYJ RB Lamical Perine

3.7 Prairie Dogs @winitall (via Detroit Styles @Fureys49ers) - LAR WR Van Jefferson

3.8 OD's Orcs - @Oregon Ducks - CHI TE COle Kmet

3.9 The Murder Mitten - @Irish Ninja DAL TE Blake Jarwin

 3.10 Lions Pride81 @Karnage_84 (via  @jollyninja) -) NO TE Adam Trautman

3.11 PDX Dirtbags - @nagahide13 - LAC RB Justin Jackson 

3.12 Hoth Tauntauns @Lions017 IND RB Nyhiem Hines 

3.13  Playing for keeps @Foooooooootball) - PHI QB Jalen Hurts

3.14 Team X - @X_Factor_40 - BAL DEF

3.15 King's Pride - @LionsRock - GB WR Allen Lazard

3.16 house tako @SimsZilla (via @TL-TwoWinsAway via house tako -@simszilla)) - BAL K Justin Tucker



4.1 Sandy Creek Patriots - @CalLionsFan - TB RB Dare Ogunbowale

4.2 T.R. Renegades - @WE-R-Lions - NO K Will Lutz

4.3 Lions Pride81 - @Karnage84 - JAC RB Ryquell Armstead

4.4 Prairie Dogs - @winitall - SEA RB RB Deejay Dallas

4.5 Buffalo Bulldogs - @Lionized - NE TE Devin Asiasi

4.6 PDX Dirtbags @nagahide13 (via  @TL-TwoWinsAway) -) - BAL RB Justice Hill

4.7 detroit styles @Fureys49ers) - GB TE Jace Sternberger

4.8 OD's Orcs - @Oregon Ducks - ARI RB Eno Benjamin

4.9 The Murder Mitten - @Irish Ninja  - LVR WR Tyrell Williams 

4.10 show me your tds @jollyninja) - PHI WR WR J.J. Arcega-Whiteside

4.11 PDX dirtbags  @nagahide13) -  WAS RB  Bryce Love

4.12 hoth tauntauns @Lions017 )-  TB WR Tyler JOhnson

4.13  playing for keeps @Foooooooootball) - ATL RB Ito Smith

4.14 Team X - @X_Factor_40 - SEA TE Will Dissly

4.15 King's Pride - @LionsRock - CLV WR Donovan Peoples Jones

4.16 hoth tauntauns @lions017 via  house tako -@simszilla - DEN DEF


5.1 Sandy Creek Patriots - @CalLionsFan -  DET K Matt Prater

5.2 buffalo bulldogs @Lionized (via T.R. Renegades - @WE-R-Lions -) DET WR Quintez Cephus

5.3 old man jebs taco cart @TL Lions Pride81 - @Karnage84 - DAL K Greg Zurlien

5.4 Prairie Dogs - @winitall - TB K Matt Gay

5.5 prairie dogs @winitall (via Buffalo Bulldogs - @Lionized -) COLTS DEF

5.6  T.R. Renegades - @WE-R-Lions via @nagahide13 (via @TL-TwoWinsAway) - SF RB Jerrick McKinnon

5.7 detroit styles  @Fureys49ers) - SF WR Jalen Hurd

5.8 OD's Orcs - @Oregon Ducks - NO DEF

5.9 The Murder Mitten - @Irish Ninja - TB RB LeSean McCoy

5.10 show me your tds @jollyninja) -MIN DEF

5.11 pdx dirtbags @nagahide13) - SF K Robbie Gould

5.12 house tako @SimsZilla (via @Lions017 )- KC RB DeAndre Washington

5.13  playing for keeps @Foooooooootball) - GB RB Jamal Williams

5.14 Team X - @X_Factor_40 - ARI K Zane Gonzales

5.15 King's Pride - @LionsRock - LAC Def

5.16 house tako -@simszilla - PHI WR Alshon Jeffery









6.1 Sandy Creek Patriots - @CalLionsFan - ARI D

6.2 buffalo bull dogs @Lionized (via T.R. Renegades - @WE-R-Lions -) - IND QB Jacob Eason

6.3 Lions Pride81 - @Karnage84 - PIT K Chris Boswell

6.4 playing for keeps @Foooooooootball (via Prairie Dogs - @winitall -) - TB DEF

6.5 house tako @SimsZilla  via  Buffalo Bulldogs - @Lionized - CAR RB Reggie Bonnafon

6.6 house tako @SimsZilla via  @TL-TwoWinsAway) - KC DEF

6.7  detroit styles @Fureys49ers) - SEA DEF

6.8 OD's Orcs - @Oregon Ducks - GB K MAson Crosby

6.9 detroit styles @Fureys49ers via - @Irish Ninja - ATL K YoungHoe Koo

6.10 show me your tds @jollyninja) - DEN K Brandon McManus

6.11 pdx dirtbags @nagahide13) - SEA TE Greg Olsen 

6.12 hoth tauntauns @Lions017 via @TL-TwoWinsAway via @SimsZilla via  @Lions017 )- MIN K Dan Bailey

6.13 playing for keeps @Foooooooootball) -  HOU K John Christian Kaʻiminoeauloamekaʻikeokekumupaʻa "Kaʻimi" Fairbairn

6.14 Team X - @X_Factor_40 - FA WR Josh Gordon

6.15 King's Pride - @LionsRock - BUF K Stephen Hauschka

6.16 @CalLionsFan via house tako - @SimsZilla - CIN TE CJ Uzomah


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