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Greatest displays of individual toughness


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What, in your opinion, was the greatest display of individual toughness. Every poster here probably knows about Ronnie Lott and his finger, but what are some other great stories?

Mark Bavaro- breaks his jaw in a game against the saints. Gets his jaw wired shut and goes back in. I think he missed 1 game over the next 5 weeks.

Chuck Bednarik- tears his bicep so that it's hanging down. Tapes it back up and continues to play.

Butkus- can't recall off the top of my head but I think he played with constantly torn up knees.

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Ray Lewis retore his tricep the day before the Super Harbaugh Bowl against the 49ers, didn’t tell anyone, just played the game. He then had to wait through Beyoncé’s long halftime show and the power going out in the stadium to finish the game.

He didn’t look like how he looked the 3 games preceding it, but I just figured age finally hit him all at once... turns out he was playing through immense pain the entire time. Still recorded 7 tackles (4 solo) in the game and led the Ravens to an eventual win.

Might not be the “toughest” but probably the toughest in Ravens team history... maybe Yanda has something there as well.

Was bet $600 as a rookie that he wouldn’t go through with being tased. He not only did it but said he barely felt it because he would get stunned by the electric fences on his farm all the time... says it’s the easiest 600 bucks he’s made in his life.

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The Emmitt Smith game against Dallas in 1993. 

Donovan McNabb 4 TDs on one leg in 2002 against Arizona.

Steve McNair playing most of 2002 with a back so screwed up he couldn't practice, just play on gameday. 

Terrell Owens playing on one good leg in the Super Bowl. 

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I think Favre played most of the 2003 season with a broken thumb on his throwing hand...could see a lot of guys just calling it a season but I believe he lead the league in TD passes and oh then his game vs the Raiders after his father died the same year. His 2003 season is up there

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Jack Youngblood, Bernie Kosar, and Kelly Holcomb all played on broken legs at one point.

Rivers played on a torn ACL.

Ronnie Lott cut off his own finger to play.

Johnny Unitas played profusely bleeding from his face/needing stitches and threw the championship winning TD pass.

I remember Eddie George playing/winning a playoff game in a harness after the training staff had to pop his shoulder back into joint with the Titans.

I remember Kurt Warner had a totally messed up elbow down to his hand on his non throwing left arm, braced it up, and even handed the ball off with only his right hand one year.

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