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Edits by me, but mostly taken from ArrowheadPride:



On his career, Mahomes now has 12,099 passing yards on 1,428 attempts, 101 TDs, 19 INT, with a passer rating of 110.5.

Sometime during this season — likely against the Bucs in Week 12 — he’ll reach 1,500 career attempts, which will make him eligible for all-time NFL quarterback records.

So barring a meltdown before then, he’ll enter the charts at No. 1, ranking first in career passer rating. The current leader is  Aaron Rodgers, whose career rating is just 103.1.



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16 hours ago, KhanYouDigIt said:

Texans are 2-0 against the Jags

Texans are 0-6 against everyone else 

Daniel Jones career record as a starter is 5-16 which includes 4-0 against WFT and 1-16 versus everyone else. 

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"Washed up", "Arm is shot", "Should have retired" QB Drew Brees through 8 games now has:

A QB Rating of 110.3 (4th among starting QB's)

19 touchdowns (8th among starting QB's plus he's already had his bye week)

3 interceptions (4th among starting QB's)

All while having Michael Thomas out for 6 of 8 games. Still cracks me up people on here have been saying the above quoted things about him this season.

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