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6 hours ago, candyman93 said:

Random, but you’d go for it on 4th down if Baker didn’t convert on this play right?

I feel like there’s zero chance Stefanski doesn’t go for it.

Yeah, probably. Not a lot of options really. Too far to attempt a FG. a punt could go in the end zone and end up only netting you 20 yards and a FG would have gave them the game. They would have been without a timeout and about a minute left but that would have been scary.

The odds of winning are certainly greatest if you go for it. Say there is a 65% chance you pick it up. Of the other 35% there is probably only a 30-40% chance they get in FG range and make the kick. If you punt they probably have a 25% chance. So without doing the math, if I could even remember how, I'd guess there is 10% better odds that you win by attempting to go for it.

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