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15 hours ago, Rod Johnson said:

Not saying it's right or wrong but I'm surprised some positive tests can shut the entire building down.  At my company a positive test means nothing except that single person has to quarantine for 2 weeks, outside of that it's totally business as usual.  You can't have high hopes this season is going to happen if that's the protocol.

Shutting down the building in the NFL is the appropriate response to keep it from spreading. Your company likely doesn't depend on people tackling each other and having physical contact with one another. After a shutdown, it's easy to do further testing to confirm the authenticity of the previous tests, as well as determine if and how far it has spread. Then the team can reopen as soon as that information is available while quarantining the affected people.

Shutting down isn't the problem - the ability to reopen is the most important part. A team can shut down on a Wednesday and reopen on Thursday or Friday and function well even if it means bringing up players from the practice squad - it would not impact an NFL game like it would MLB where a team will play 23498023 games in a day.

A week between games makes it SO much more likely the season can happen. Not to mention the NFL regular season is only 4 months long - if for some reason there is a ton of positive results right before a game, they can easily reschedule the game at the end of the year. Maybe the playoffs start in February. Maybe the Super Bowl takes place in March or April. Tons of flexibility - I'm not too worried about a cancelled season unless they stop testing so frequently (or people start dying).

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3 hours ago, buno67 said:

Look at what you just said. Browns had two decent LBs over the years and those defense were garbage. LBs do not make or break defenses anymore. Unless it’s a 3/4 and were talking about edge guys. 

If the defense is going to be good this year like be in the top10 cause that’s where we need them to be, it falls on the shoulders of the DL. Browns defense last year wasnt a failure because of LB play, it was a failure because Obunjobi struggled, Richardson was a bust, OV couldn’t finish anything off and then got hurt, and Garrett got suspended. If the DL actually shows up this year, everything should be fine

With that logic I can say the browns had an elite pass rusher the last 2 years and haven’t done anything so pass rushers don’t make a difference. 

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5 hours ago, sdrawkcab321 said:

With that logic I can say the browns had an elite pass rusher the last 2 years and haven’t done anything so pass rushers don’t make a difference. 

A single pass rusher doesn’t make a difference. At least one Where it takes a below avg defense to top tier. Why do you think it has been such a big deal to try and find a legit DE or stud 3tech to help Garrett. 

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