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This is exactly why I have faith in Baker. The only thing The offense did well at was scripting the first drive. I can’t even give Freddie that credit cause we don’t even know if he was the one creating that script. It’s like when they study film and come up with a game plan, they did pretty well but when it was time to get off script Freddie didn’t have a freaking clue. He was getting off script because opposing defenses adjusted to the things the browns were doing for that week or the script was over. Not surprised cause we heard so many times how often Freddie would just abandon the game plan. 

it’s like they prepared for what the saw on film and never thought about what adjustments opposing defenses might do once they figure out what they prepared for that week. 

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[PFF] Highest-graded QBs on opening drives in 2019:

1. Baker Mayfield - 92.7

2. Russell Wilson - 90.6

3. Aaron Rodgers - 90.5

4. Drew Brees - 87.8

It’s like Baker has success when his play caller knows what he’s doing and can script things accordingly.

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2 minutes ago, sdrawkcab321 said:

So the only success he had was when monken drew up the opening script 

maybe but you also think Monken would have been able to help with in game or at least halftime adjustments.

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Looking at the Patriots and it’s got me thinking.

Nightmare scenario: Offense struggles and it’s just not working for our passing game.

Do we try to move OBJ and Jarvis? It would be incredibly easy. I’d be looking at Green Bay and New England.

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