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Patriots sign QB Cam Newton

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8 hours ago, CKSteeler said:

I'd be more concerned about what Newton is doing in terms of studying, personally. You are a Patriots fan. You should be able to appreciate the fact that athleticism does not make the QB.

Ah, but we don't see that. I can only comment on what we see, and I'm just going to assume he's doing the studying - because if he doesn't, he's gone. I believe he's a smarter QB than most people think as well

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21 minutes ago, wwhickok said:

Cam Newton's #1 issue beyond health in Carolina was the lack of better than mediocre WRs beyond Steve Smith.  Im interested to see what NE does for him because they have a very similar problem

and yet he won an MVP got to a super bowl without SS. Obviously it is not ideal but I don't think you can say Cam fell off because of the lack of receiver help. 

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On 6/29/2020 at 8:05 PM, SkippyX said:

Josh McDaniels won a playoff game with Tim Tebow.

This defense is still loaded with talent.

If Cam is healthy he does not have to improve on 6 Lombardis.

He just has to be better than an 88 rated passer (24 TDs 8 picks 4000 yards) with 34 yards rushing and 3 rushing TDs. (Brady last year)


On 6/30/2020 at 7:35 AM, Deadpulse said:


Im sorry, have you met Josh McDaniels? He has already done this MID SEASON for the Broncos to great effect with a much much much worse talent at QB


It is incredibly naive to think this offense was going to be the same as Brady ran it even before Cam came aboard. It would have been very different for Stidham too. 

People continue to bring up Tim Tebow as credit to Josh McDaniels. Tebow never started a single game under McDaniels. People are confusing McDaniels with John Fox. McDaniels did absolutely nothing for Tebow. Tim Tebow won a playoff game with John Fox as the head coach. John Fox's staff did an incredible job switching schemes mid season. Then the broncos made the playoffs that year with Tebow. 

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8 minutes ago, RamblinMan99 said:

It's probably the best decision New England could go with for right now, but Cam will be near terrible there.    

This does give Belichick and McDaniels time to think out their next move.  

Any reason for that or wishful thinking? 

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