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Around the League 2020

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The Jets are ranked 32 right now in he power rankings. I can't remember a time when we where even in the top 20 let alone top 10. This is just plan brutal. Gase should be fired now to speed up the process and let Williams run the team. Then start fresh and pick up a real HC like a Jim Harbaugh, or Eric Bienemy. IF we have the number one pick you trade Sam and draft Trevor Lawrence and move on. We just can't be throwing away season after season. The only real players we have is Crowder, Mann and Becton. All the other guys are bums. The sad part is one of those 3 is a punter. 

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The value of a draft pick can be overblown. Look at our draft history. How often do we make good picks that are great? Pretty much never. So trade a pick for a proven player needs to happen more for this franchise. Look at Buffalo just trading a 1st for Diggs. There's pretty much no chance that who they drafted in the 1sy round would be as good as Diggs at any position. Ya you have to pay whoever you trade for in most cases (bc they are good). But if you have cap and need talent who cares.

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Just now, drew39k said:

If we could get AR for a 4th or 5th I'd be down, maybe a third if we get a 4th back. Gotta get some WR help if we are going to find out if Darnold is the guy or not.

Sanu kinda set the market rate for WRs last year.. Would love to get him for less than a 2nd though.  

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