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Ivy League cancels Football season

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18 hours ago, MookieMonstah said:


Chances of CFB in the fall are slim to none at this point.

I do not discount the lure of the massive amount of money at stake to influence that decision.  Ivy league schools do not rely on sports income.  Call me when the Big10 or SEC schools decide to forgo the money they desperately need.  A lot of colleges are in tough financial shape due to the effects of the virus.


I do not think this is the right decision but I think the money made by risking young people will override a lot of perceived risk



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The New England Small College Athletic Conference has canceled all fall sports for the upcoming school year, the conference announced Friday. The presidents of all 11 schools released a joint statement, saying the new safety protocols on campus led them to their decision.

The decision comes just two days after The Ivy League announced it would not have any fall sports until at least January 1. The Big Ten conference announced on Thursday that all sports will play only conference games in the fall.

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5 hours ago, RuskieTitan said:

Prevents the Big 10 from being exposed...

yeah, I would hate to see the big10 teams exposed to the covid too. it was a good move

sucks we will miss out on





Miami (FL) – Michigan State

Wisconsin-Notre Dame.

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