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What team unexpectedly collapses this year

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2 hours ago, rocky_rams said:

I would nominate the Seahawks, Niners, or Packers 

Wouldn't really be surprise for GB...They overachieved last season, barely beating the Redskins and the Lions twice....This year's schedule will be tougher too than last....

Seattle almost got to the NFC Championship game last year minus healthy RB's....So in a sense they too overachieved as well....

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I'll pick the Niners

Lots of times, the loser of the SB fails to even make the Playoffs.

With as tough as the NFC West is? I could easily see the Rams rebound from last year, the Seahawks having a good season & even an Arizona team improving quite a bit.

Providing we have a full season, which I doubt? I could easily see the 49ers having an 8-8 down season.

Not to mention, the NFC as a whole is a much tougher Conference than the AFC. (Imo) Where the Niners will get 6 games, not including their own Division.

But who really knows...


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Baltimore will more than likely regress to the mean a bit, but the only way they completely collapse is if Lamar gets injured.

Idk if this counts as a "collapse", but I can see Minnesota disappointing and having a losing record.

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