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2021 Draft order if 2020 season cancelled

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1 hour ago, Tetsujin said:

You'd use the 2020 records as a basis for some type a lottery.

But why would that be fair according to you? Since they already used that as the type for the 2020 NFL draft. Why not re-use the 2019 one, or the 2011 one? That would be just as fair (or unfair) as using 2020, since it's exactly the same thing: using 1 season for 2 years of drafting. So if that's the case, you have to use a draw to decide which draft order you're gonna use twice. Not just decide it's the last season. 

Kansas city could lose Mahomes in week 1, go 1-16 and have the first pick if we have a season. It's unlikely, but you can't just tel them they have no chance at the first pick in a draft that's not decided by a official season. 

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1 hour ago, HoboRocket said:

Or since it has a chance of giving the Bills the #32 overall pick.


In reality, if I'm the NFL, I'm splitting it into the three proposed groups: 1-10, 11-20, and 21-32. Then I'm not only randomizing the teams within their groups, I'm randomizing that draft order EACH round. 

Another variation would be to randomize within those groups and then offer a snake draft. That way, teams that finished really poorly in 2019 and are likely to be not good in 2020 will still get their premium player, but teams that barely made the playoffs, like the Bills and Texans, will be able to pick a player twice before the - let's say Bengals - get a chance at another player.

Yes i'm a Bills fan, but I would say the same if we would have the first pick based. It's just not fair to use as single season twice without any explanation. If you wanna take an draft order from the past, you have to draw to decide which year. But honestly the fair thing is just a big draw where everyone can get any pick, and then like you said maybe use a snake type so it balances out the unlucky teams. 


But teams shouldn't be punished twice for being good in 1 season. The "punishment" KC took by winning the SB is already done in the last draft. Now they can't win another SB, but get another punishment? That's simply not fair.

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