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CFB Misc News Thread

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2 hours ago, BobbyPhil1781 said:

I absolutely love this idea even though I think 12 is too much. It's a nice even number and easy to do though so I get it.

I can't wait for this to happen. 

Too much for sure. But I'd rather have too much than the farce we've had every single day. 

In recent years, UCF, Cincinnati, etc. have more than proven that it doesn't matter what they do, they're not cracking a field of 4. People can point to scheduling all they want, but when games are agreed on 10 years in advance, what can honestly be expected? 

A few years back, Bama played USC early (maybe the opener?). When that game was scheduled, it had the look of a showdown. Then came Clay Helton lol. That's USC. Imagine being a UCF or Cincy who can easily go on a 2 or 3 year run but almost never have an outlook past a couple of years. When the committee got formed and the 4 team field was announced, to me it absolutely devalued the ideas they claimed would matter. Strength of schedule? Good luck. Eye test? Hardly. EvErY gAmE cOuNtS? L.O.L. 

With 12, we're probably going to get a team or two with no business being in contention for a variety of reasons. But I'll take that over the thinky veiled shafting of good teams. The Bama-Utah excuse always sounded so hypocritical. Utah tops Bama in a bowl game, "Alabama was disappointed they weren't playing for a national championship". Boise State or UCF or Cincy go undefeated or are one of a very few 1 loss teams and lose to a middling P5 team in a random bowl game, "See! They aren't that good!". 

This should go one of two ways. Either fans rejoice at a real playoff and exciting matchups we don't see all that often, or, get ready for seeing Kentucky and Vanderbilt in the playoffs because "their conference is so hard". 

Can't wait to see how it goes either way.

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To me 8 is still the perfect number. 5 conference champs, 3 at large, seeded 1-8. It’s “only” one extra game.

12 screams shameless money grab as a response to having to pay players and keeping them from opting out of “pointless” bowl games.

The 5-12 home field advantage does also grab me hook, line, and sinker though. I’m a sucker for that. 😂 

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