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CFB Misc News Thread

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3 hours ago, Down to Earth said:

Good on them, hopefully more players from bigger universities follow suit.

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Even if it's the right move to cancel fall sports, the B1G lack of transparency is absolutely concerning.

1. Show and prove the data

2. You have these chancellors and presidents making millions of taxpayer dollars, and none of them have had the courage or accountability to show the evidence, rationale, and we don't even know IF THERE WAS A VOTE yet. Everything should be public record in public education. I'm subjected to it, and every public school in the nation is/should be subject to it. Show it. If it's as cut and dry as you say, then it shouldn't be a problem.

3. You have hundreds of thousands of students reporting to a campus living, working, and going to school in close proximity with one another, and yet you canceled the season for all fall sports. This selective method that you're using screams hypocrisy. 

Granted, none of this makes sense, check out Ohio...

You have tens of thousands of students going to in person class...but no football (B1G, MAC)

You have an assortment of students going to class, a bunch of others ONLY virtual, and you HAVE HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL (Our first game is tonight)

The inconsistency and logic here is absolutely mind blowing.

If nothing else, this lawsuit should set a precedent of accountability and transparency and hopefully start the systematic dismantling of the NCAA.

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2 hours ago, candyman93 said:

30 to 35% of #COVID19 infected athlete’s heart muscles are inflamed w/ myocarditis, says Penn State physician of Big Ten sport league.


Who's going to be the first Big 10 coach to say something like "I didn't know that my football players having bigger hearts would be a bad thing" and why will it definitely be Jim Harbaugh.

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