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Chiefs sign Kelechi Osemele


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Osemele had some serious run ins with the Jets front office and coaching staff over his injury. He had the surgery over their objections. If it has healed properly and if he and the team can get along, this could work very well. He;s only 31, which is middle aged for an OG.


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It was a very toxic atmosphere with the Jets, hence their change in staffing.

The new staff seems to be better put together. They did well in the draft, trading back multiple times and winding up with a top ten haul according to GFW. His one line summary was, A pinch too boom or bust to be in fully in love, but still an impressive haul. They took some flack for trading Jamaal Adams after he went public requesting a trade, but few bothered to check the details--two firsts, a third and a startable player..

There is also the possibility that we replace both OG


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