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Say PEAK Randy Moss is a 99/100 Rate your top 5 WRS

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1 hour ago, Kiwibrown said:

Is the difference between peak holt and peak moss thay much? 

Is the difference between peak rice and OBJ  thay much? Rice's peak went over a decade objs was about 2 years. 

I think the differences are much closer to 10% and 30% respectively than 1% and 3% yes. 

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For me it would be if Rice was 100 and Moss was 99  then these are my rankings at their best so far

Calvin - 98
Julio - 96
Fitz - 95
AB - 95
Nuke - 94
OBJ - 93
Hill - 91
Thomas- 90

I love me some Fitzgerald and 1 of my favorite players of all time is Holt so i would probably be bias and put him alot higher than others might so i'll leave him off XD

Thomas has the most chance to improve and could pass a few guys on this list over the years we will see if he does though.   

The only reason i put Julio above Fitz is because Fitz himself said Julio was the best he's ever seen do it.  I still can't put Julio above Calvin, Moss, or Rice no matter what Fitz said but i do take into account what he thinks considering how highly i think of him. 

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On 7/27/2020 at 9:30 PM, mse326 said:

Before I respond, what would you give prime Jerry Rice?

97.  I'd subtract one point for athleticism and one point for the use of Stickum.

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On 8/15/2020 at 10:00 AM, Billy86 said:

There's an argument for either in peak, but saying OPOY awards and such are irrelevant when talking about their peaks doesn't really make sense since to win that award as a WR you have to be playing out of your mind. Moss never had a season with 20+ yards per catch of 1,800+ yards, or 120 catches - all of which Rice achieved. Moss does have more TDs in a single season though (23 vs 22). Rice also has higher numbers for catches, yards and receiving TDs in a single game than Moss if we are talking one game peaks.

Moss had more of a knack for an impossible catch, and as a GB fan I am more than aware of what he could do before wiping his *ss on the posts, for which a lot has to be said and can arguably put him in the discussion there too. But to claim he had the better peak beyond doubt isn't so much debatable as it is incorrect. 

Its TD catches and Moss did it in a 16 game season, Rice did it in 12.  And Rice had 23 TDs in that 12 game season bc he had a rushing TD as well.  

Rice at his peak was better than Moss at his.  Rice's peak was longer than Moss's peak.  Rice after his peak was still ridiculous.  Randy was done after his.  So sick of people trying to act like Moss was on the same level as the GOAT.  

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