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Best In Your Division?

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1 hour ago, KingOfNewYork said:

Josh Allen isn't better than Sam Darnold. Sam's worst has been very bad so I get why some people feel that way. But even statistically speaking with all those advantages Allen had Darnold is right there. 

Allen didn't have to learn a 2nd offense in year 2, not have his team invest in an OL. And yet still in 3 more games only threw 1 more TD than Darnold, had a worst completion percentage, 1 point better passer rating.

So if we do it by watching film well its not even close the way Sam throws the ball and if we measure by stats well...yeah same thing. 

He also has to be in adam gase's crap offense.

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13 minutes ago, EagleBlueDon said:

I think you need to pump the brakes a bit on belittling DeSean. He's arguably the best deep threat in league history. To compare him to Terry freaking McLaurin after a good rookie season is laughable.

Oh boy.  Belittling DeSean?  Show me where I belittled him.

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13 hours ago, buno67 said:

Chubb and Hunt are better. Its not even an argument. Its the only positional group the Browns have that are truly best in the division and potentially the league


Well, how the turn tables...

You all can have "Browns have the best RB group in the division and league" or you can have the "Lamar is a RB", but you can't have both.

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19 hours ago, KingOfNewYork said:

Crap? Lol you dont know what you're even watching.

Adam Gase had 2 good years with Peyton and now everyone is realizing, Peyton wrote his own offense and Gase was his assistant OC.

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