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College Players Opting Out Thread

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Very interesting, but honestly who is giving this guy the grade of a 1st round pick?  Great corner but in no way is he better than any of these other corners.  I have a 3rd round grade on him, maybe 2nd round but honestly even Derion Kendrick on Clemson arguably has more upside, to me he is not a 1st round talent.


Shaun Wade Ohio State RS JR CB
Thomas Graham Jr Oregon SR CB
Patrick Surtain Jr. Alabama JR CB
Camryn Bynum Cal RS SR CB
Paulson Adebo Stanford RS JR CB
Asante Samuel Jr Florida State JR CB



An absolute ton of players could be doing this, what anyone with a 1st round grade sits out possibly?  Odd choice but honestly many if not everyone could say they have an elderly family member who has health issues, but considering they might not even have a season I guess why not.  Sad thing is even during 'pro training' one could catch it and pass it on to an older family member still regardless of playing for VT or any other school.

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Just now, Bullet Club said:

Yeah, he's incredible. I'd take him round one. The Gophers finally looked good and this all happened. Sucks for them.

I think they recruited well and have a really good Quarterback returning, but it still changes how defenses defend them 

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1 hour ago, Bullet Club said:

It'll be interesting to see how Morgan does without Tyler Johnson and Bateman.

They still have Autman-Bell and Douglas who both have decent experience but no Bateman is huge, if Moore still is a little hurt could argue Bateman is the best receiver in the Big Ten.  My guess is he really wanted to go out for the draft this past year and saw the chance to in a way this season without any real negativity put on him so he did it.  Would suck if every 1st round prospect decides to do the same, that would be pretty lame season but even that is pretty up in the air really.  


Morgan improved a lot last year but obviously benefited from great WR play.  The run game is huge and despite losing some talent there they still have a great offensive line that returns all the starters and RB Ibrahim who will carry a big load along with Bryce Wiliams and might get something out of Cam Wiley, Treyson Potts or Ky Thomas not to mention Seth Green in the run game as well.

They will need a lot from freshman receivers Daniel Jackson and Adim-Madumere. Jackson could provide that deep threat but clearly Bateman was an outstanding deep threat and will suck not watching how good he could have been this year.  


Defensively they have some questions at all levels and need a lot of guys to step up as leaders considering what they lost.  If they have a season it will be the first time Fleck has not had any players from the previous coaching staff, and considering Winfield Jr, Ty Johnson, Coughlin, Barber, Kamal Martin, Rodney Smith, Shannon Brooks were all major leaders and all players Fleck did not recruit, will see what he can do, obviously hit on guys like Bateman, Faalele, Dunlap Jr, Morgan etc.  Durr is a good corner and St -Juste the transfer should be very good at corner as well.  

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23 minutes ago, smokeybandit said:

Probably could have used a bit more game tape since he's just now coming into his own, but he's probably already at his draft ceiling due to position

Freaking sucks honestly, all the best players sit out just because they can at the moment.  Hell three-fourths if the Idaho football team wants to sit out the season so sure most teams feel the same way.  Guess ultimately unless one is being paid millions of dollars, then do not play sports right now.  Seems to be the reality of it currently but it would be stupid to make college football players play football when there are no students even on the campus, and they would be playing just to make money for the school.  Hell many athletic departments have already dropped different sports because there is no revenue like usual.  


Seriously though, unless some things really change, at the current rate of what is going on it would be stupid to even have a college football season.  So these guys opting out, guess what everyone could be sitting out this season so it does not really matter.  Would love to see college football but with no fans, it is not basketball and simply would not be the same and is not worth the risk sadly.  Sure Universities have money but not enough like the NBA does with the bubble and testing daily and totally isolating all involved, and since that is the only thing that is actually working really doubt college football goes ahead.  Sure NFL maybe but that is a money issue, college football if it does close down really needs to take a step back and get some central leadership and change some things in terms of the culture and how it has ran for years.  Great sport and I love it but some things need to change, prime example would be Iowa and all that has been uncovered about that program during this time, and they are not alone in that I bet.  

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