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College Players Opting Out Thread

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15 minutes ago, Forge said:

I kind of wish the NFL would now have a supplemental draft for these kids. I'm sure that teams would rather have them train with them as it is. 

Its a damn shame all the way around.  Sewell and Parsons are two of the best players at their position in years, especially Sewell, and to not be able to see him one more year sucks.  


Camryn Bynum is sitting out for Cal as well and not playing the year and going out for the draft.  Will be curious if they can finish the season, say they do hopefully and it all goes well and nothing has to be canceled, yeah right these guys might not be regretting that choice.  Even the best high school football recruit in the nation, he is sitting out his high school season as well.


And the Big Ten and Pac-10 might move up to November start date, but fact is all of the conversation is pointless if they end up shutting it down and not finishing.  Then all of them made the absolute right choice sitting out.  


Same thing in the NFL for any young guy trying to make the roster, is a lot harder with no preseason game action to judge players on.  Some look great in practice and do not turn it on during the game and vice versa.  

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