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GDT Week 4 - Panthers @ Patriots


Who comes away with the win?  

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  1. 1. Who comes away with the win?

    • Patriots in a blow out
    • Patriots in a close one
    • Panthers in a close one
    • Panthers in a blow out

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Week 4 is here and the Panthers are coming into Foxborough. The last time these two teams met was in week 11 of 2013. The Panthers came away victorious thanks largely to two things. One, the Pats' defense inability to contain Newton in the pocket. And two, the fact that serious NFL refs, people with normal functioning eyes, decided THIS was NOT pass interference:


Most egregiously, they actually threw the flag, then picked it up and ran off the field without explanation. It was one of the most infuriating ends to a game I can remember. Winning that game would have meant the 1 seed in the AFC, which would have meant no visit to Mile High in the AFCCG, and likely another Superbowl appearance. The Broncos getting mauled by the Seahawks in 2013, and the two Patriot Superbowl victories since, have salved that would slightly. But only slightly.

Back to the present, and though 4 years have gone by, the deciding factors of this game will likely be identical.

1. Can the Patriots contain Newton?

Last week the Pats defense displayed their time-honoured tradition of letting mobile QBs escape the pocket, extend the play, and either run for a big gain or find an open man for a long pass-play. This was how the defense played Newton in 2013 as well. You have to expect the Pats defense has been watching a lot of film of that game. Scheme won't really be the deciding factor - the question is do the Patriots have any one at LB athletic enought to spy Newton and stop him making plays with his legs?

Along side this, the Panthers drafted Christian McCaffrey, who is exactly the kind of shifty back that often give the Patriots trouble. With Greg Olsen on IR with a broken foot, the offense will likely rely on McCaffrey catching passes to make plays through the air. How a slow linebacking corps. handles this will be an important question.

2. Can the Panthers disrupt the Pats' passing offense?

The Panthers defense played well the first 2 weeks of the seaon - against, admittedly, not very strong opposition. Last week New Orleans scored 35 points against them though, making plays on the ground and through the air. It's hard to say, at this point, which is the true reflection of their ability. With Josh Norman in DC, the secondary is definitely the weakness of a Carolina defense that features a good DL and an exceptional LB corps.

With all that said, let's get this show on the road.

Go Pats!

EDIT: In doing some Patriots-Panthers related googling, I found that the entire broadcast of the 2013 game is on youtube. It's here if anyone wants to watch it.


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58 minutes ago, mcmurtry86 said:

Pats D will give up a few annoying plays but New England rolls to a 27-13 victory

I tend to agree, there'll be at least one 3rd and long blown assignment on a McCaffrey screen or dump-off, and probably a couple of Newton scrambles, but I don't see them having the offense to keep up with NE. Especially not at home.

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I dont think Cam gives us the same problems as Watson did. For whatever reason, I don't think he will slip away nearly as much. Maybe its because he hasnt really passed the eye test this season, and maybe its because of the rumblings that he isnt 100%, but something feels off. 

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I hated that game against Carolina. That was when Talib couldn't control his rage, and abandoned actually being a football player in favour of dishing out some revenge. The no call at the end. The inability to control Cam (I can't stand him and I can't stand mobile QBs....so frustrating). I love Luke K, but I do hope we put a 40 burger on this mob xD


But I'll go something like 24-20. Another frustrating outing. 

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So Cam has the worst accuracy in terms of putting the ball on the frame of a receiver in short yardage passing and screen plays. However, he still has one of the best deep balls (in terms of accuracy), so we can't give him the 3.4 seconds we have been affording QBs. Cover downfield and let them have the underneath, I'd say. (Our GP vs Pitts last season). Pass rush HAS to be better, but then we also need to contain him. 

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51 minutes ago, iothar said:

It goes both ways for gronk for sure, but I do feel like he gets jobbed quite a bit.

It's honestly the same line of thinking Refs use with Newton.

He's bigger and stronger so he should be able to take it.


Definitely frustrating at times.

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