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College Football 2020 - Power 5s Are All In

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53 minutes ago, Texas_OutLaw7 said:

My dream for Pitts to Dallas ends today. 

If his season continues like this one, he’ll likely be a top 10 pick. He’s already a likely top 25, and this performance has been remarkable. Granted, that 71 yard TD should never have happened had the defender made ANY attempt to tackle him. It should’ve only been a 15-20 gain.

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18 minutes ago, plan9misfit said:

Texas is not a good football team. Even with Oklahoma losing today, the disparity in talent is obvious. 

Herman and Ehlinger said it themselves, some of the younger players were feeding into the hype. Hopefully that games opens their eyes just like I hope it will for the Cowboys and their win last week. 

Just like the Cowboys, right now they're not a good football team but that's why they play the season. 

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