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45 minutes ago, hornbybrown said:

Ok I’m confused now. In about ten years of trying I have for the first time made it to week two.


do we use the same format as week one to make our pick or can we just say

my week two pick is *^**?


by the way this is not my pick for week two😂


... so, you didn't read the rules then?

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2 hours ago, Woz said:

So, you REALLY didn't read the rules, huh?

Just reread the rules I did post my first pick a couple weeks ago which is a long time for my concussion damaged brain to remember.


will repost my next week pick after the start of the last MNF game this week

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Representing SDSU I will make the safest possible pick for week 2. If there is one thing I can count on it's that Andy Reid's offense will score more points then Tyrod Taylor and the Chargers. I don't care if later this week Mahomes catches a cold and can't play there is zero chance the ChargIRS beat the Chiefs.


Week 1: ChargIRS

Week 2: KC Chiefs.

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14 hours ago, TopleyBird said:

Favorite Team: Giants

Week 1 Pick: Steelers

I have read all the rules and agree to them. The most important rule is "Watch your edits."

I feel bad picking on a new poster, but this is not the verbatim statement. It is missing the "of" in the sentence.

As such, you are not entered.

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