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59 minutes ago, ET80 said:

I like this. The Kyle Allen All-Stars, featuring the Alabama DE Dancers!

Oh you’re a fan? You should come on out for the whole festival! 

Get there early if you want to see the Kyle Allen All-Stars, they’re only slated for a brief opening act before giving way to the Alex Smith Resurrection Experience.

Not into music? Check out the comedy acts running every Sunday on the FedEx Stage. Or stop by the first-of-its-kind Groping Booth where, for the low price of a luxury suite purchase, you can accost and fondle your very own professional cheerleader. 

But that’s not all! The rest of the festival lineup is strong. Unfortunately, DJ Dwayne’s appearance has been unexpectedly canceled, but you can still catch HBKerrigan, as he stops in as part of his never-ending Decade of Despair tour. Don’t miss the hot young duo Chase & Terry — be among the first to check out their rare and refreshing talent in an exciting performance that many fans are calling “the only reasons to watch.” And of course Riverboat Ronnie is making his debut at the festival this year. He’ll be crooning all your favorites from his recent top 30 album “Rebuild This!” including such favorites as “Half Game Back,” “What Timeouts?” and his newest release, the heartbreaking ballad “Wish You Were Cam.” 

So come on out for the WFT Festival — it’s sure to be Fyre 🔥

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