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ChazStandard [New England] - BUF, SFO, IND, BAL, ARI, MIA, GRB, TAM, PIT, LVR, LAC, NYG

On paper the Falcons seem like a sensible pick - the Saints are down their QB and Atlanta have been playing better since the coaching change...but they played 2 weeks ago, and got their butts kicked. If Jackson et al. are still out vs the Cowboys, that's an upset waiting to happen...but who would gamble on this season's Cowboys? Indy is banged up, but the Texans just lost Fuller and...well, are the Texans.

Every week it gets harder to pick. I miss losing in week 2 and not having to think about this.

Week 13 pick - Minnesota Vikings

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6 minutes ago, Leoric said:

Good luck guys. I made it way farther then I ever have. The Adam Gase Jets killed me. Thank you Woz for running this.

Just kidding... Greg Williams and Adam Gase together man. They should trade for Peterman to make him the starter.

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Okay, since everyone is locked in (just waiting for the Packers game to finish up to know if we will have 6 or 7 going into week 13), I am opening week 13 for picks.

For the record, I will not post the tiebreaker until after the week is officially over.

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