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2 hours ago, ChazStandard said:

Riding my luck picking teams with losing records 3 weeks in a row. By my mental reckoning I'm now 2 or 3 games back from first. The strategy now is wait until Art picks, then pick someone worse.xD

Sounds like I’ll be waiting til the last minute to make my pick this week 😉

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Just now, Art_Vandalay said:

Favorite Team: Philly

Week 15 Pick: San Francisco 49ers

So much for me waiting until the last minute. @ChazStandard I triple dog dare you to pick someone with a worst record lol. I think as of right now, judging by the different teams we picked, you're ahead of me by half a game. 

I legit almost edited this post to correct 'worst' to 'worse' ... That would've been embarrassing...

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ChazStandard New England 0.560 102 80 0 0.00
Art_Vandalay Philadelphia 0.563 102 79 1 0.50
Here'sJim Cleveland 0.621 113 69 0 11.00
Joe_is_the_best Denver 0.626 114 68 0 12.00
jonnguy2015 San Francisco 0.632 115 67 0 13.00
Leoric San Diego St 0.681 124 58 0 22.00


There are three categories:

  1. Tooth and nail leaders = @ChazStandard and @Art_Vandalay on a razor's edge difference for first place
  2. Hoping for a break = @Here'sJim, @Joe_is_the_best, and @jonnguy2015 = just need the top two to make one mistake and they are right in it
  3. Along for the ride = @Leoric ... I guess trying the tortoise's "slow and steady wins the race" strategy ... which is lovely, but perhaps not the best solution with three weeks to go
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ChazStandard [New England] - BUF, SFO, IND, BAL, ARI, MIA, GRB, TAM, PIT, LVR, LAC, NYG, MIN, DAL

I’m ahead in the tie breaks, didn’t expect hat, and all thanks to a tie. Unfortunately I’m now out of the streak of “bad teams playing the even worse Bengals”, so this week is harder to pick. I’m stuck between picking the Eagles to upset the Cardinals, the Bears to beat the Vikings...or relying on the Browns. 

The Browns, either picking for against, have lost me this competition like 5 times. That’s bad mojo.

this weeks pick....tbd.


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There’s a real motivation to just survive the season and be mentioned in the hall as having survived the season but lost on tiebreakers. A San Diego fan has never made it that far. With that said Woz is really pressuring me to make a move and try to win some games. 

week 15 Pick: The Ginger Ninja leads the Cowboys to a win over the 49ers. 

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