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Alright all, I wanted to wait until I was sure we would have a season, but it's time. Fantasy football time!

I need a count of who is interested. My guess is we will do one league this year instead of two. So I'll take signups to 14 (unless we get 20 or more in which case I'll go ahead and set up two leagues).

I can manage the league and I'll set up a poll for draft times once we are set on members. Who else is in?

1. FGK
2. Scrabble
3. Kiwi
4. Cortes
5. Thomas
6. Malibu
7. Megaron
8. Bigjohnson
9. Brownieman
10. Reginald
11. Hornby
13-14+. ?

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I'll be in next year, but with the combination of the plague and my project schedule this fall and winter, I'm out on 2020. Besides, if a certain someone wins a certain election on a certain day in November, I'll be partying with a certain pitcher of cyanide margaritas. Then embrace sweet, sweet death🤢🤢😇😇

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