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2017 QB Class vd 2018 QB Class

brownie man

Which QB Class will have more NFL success?  

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  1. 1. Which Class?

    • 2017 QB Class
    • 2018 QB Class

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Really have to see who declares. I'm still only 50/50 on Darnold. Given Allen's season, I wouldn't be shocked at all if he went back, though I'm still about 80/20 on him coming out. Rosen I think it definitely coming out given his comments on college / football / ncaa and all that. 

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I'm leaning 2018. I agree with BleedTheClock 100% that it depends on who declares (which is kind of obvious, I guess). Mason Rudolph is the glue for me in this class, however, because we know he is coming out. I think Darnold probably goes back to school, but there may be the unknown guy/late riser, too. I'm lower on many of the 2017 QB's than many such as me not being a fan of Mahomes at all. Kizer looks to be well on his way to being ruined by the Browns, and he had his major flaws as a prospect anyways. 2018 also has Josh Rosen who is most likely going to come out, and he's likely to be above all of the 2017 QB's for me. We'll see as maybe Trubisky will end up better than Rosen for me, but right now if I had to project I'd say that Rosen would be the better prospect by the end of the year. Baker Mayfield and Chad Kelly seem to be pretty comparable, and we know Mayfield is coming out. There are a few other Seniors coming out that I'd say this QB class is definitely going to have some guys. All-in-all, I think enough underclassmen come out to put the 2018 QB class over the 2017 QB class.

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