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OT Andre Dillard out for season with torn bicep

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Thank god we are one of the few teams that has and can develop OL depth. But this sucks.

Smallest silver lining; At least they can hold on to Prince and Mailata now, was looking tough to keep all the depth.

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Another 1st round we knocked out of the park. He was already struggling based on what i read. Now he'll be less athletic to start year 3 in 12 months. I would have no problem with us drafting his replacement after the season. 

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Our OL is the same as it was in the playoff game last year. Only difference from our OL last year is we don't have Brooks right now.

Not to mention we might get Brooks back at the end of the season if we're lucky.

The good thing is Driscoll and PTW have shown good things in camp, especially Driscoll.

This also means Mailata gets more reps too which should only help aid his development and give us a chance to see him progress. 

This isn't ideal, but the sky isn't falling y'all.

Anyways, recover quick and get back to lifting again and getting stronger, Andre. We don't want you to be a bust big fella.

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7 minutes ago, Jeezla said:

He was already struggling based on what i read.

Eh. He had his bad reps, but I heard Duffy said he's had his share of good in camp and the coaching staff and players seemed to like the progress he was making.

As far as replacing him. I'd like to see what the other guys show the coaching staff with more practice reps and probably playing time assuming Peters goes down which is almost a certainty. If we are drafting another guy to be the future at LT it will probably be in 2022 rather than 2021.

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