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SF Forum Survivor Thread

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Its that time of year again ladies and gents

its time for the yearly survivor game, sf edition 

most people know the rules but for those who dont, you pick 1 team to win per week. if they win you move on, if they tie/lose then you are eliminated. you cannot use the same team twice


no editing posts with picks, or you will be eliminated


I will update this post with people's picks

Forge - Pats, Bucs

Justone2 - Bills, Titans

Ftn49 - bills, 49ers

Melbourne 9er - Bills, Seahawks

Dutch - Pats, 49ers

John232 - Bills, 49ers

Jonnguy2015 - Bills, 49ers

Rudy - Titans, Steelers

49ers Finest - Steelers, 49ers


This will be the graveyard 

N4L - Colts

J-ALL-DAY - Colts

StevenK - Colts

Aussie9er - Colts

NcFinest9erfan - Panthers

Gore Whore 21 - 49ers

Geek - Colts

Dub_City30 - Colts

Jillg - Bungals

Chrissooner49er - 49ers

Burlow - 49ers

DOES EVERYONE REMEMBER WHO WON LAST YEAR?  @rudyZ finally made it past week 2 and somehow beat out @J-ALL-DAY (i think) in like week 12

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