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FFMD Season 2021: What would you like to see?

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On 11/21/2020 at 4:28 PM, EaglesPeteC said:

I would just have a committee of 3 to deciders the tie breaker pitches. Me and two others, there likely would not be many.

Overall, this is an important relaunch of FFMD 1, I’m not trying to reinvent the wheel here. We’ve been testing and crafting the TCMD model for years, I’m not trying to roll something out this year that has not been tested and tweaked etc. So overall it’ll be the basic TCMD, model and we can talk about a new wrinkle or whatever but I’m out on any changes beyond that 

This being said.  

Using the tcmd model we know teams are allowed to bid on up to 3 UFA's per round, plus an additional bidding slot dedicated to resigning a player.  It also contains a 6 bid slot reserve, that drops said player into the award process if another team places a bid on that player.  And that after each round the minimum value you can offer a free agent decreases by a certain percentage.

The number used to make the offer on a player is used to break matching offers, 

There are restrictions on how many years you can offer a player, which is determined by the positional age of the player.  

Formulas are used to weight guaranteed money higher than the base.

There are percentage increases in the overall bid for attempts to resign players, current is 8%...meaning if the resign team is offering 10m the team looking to steal would need to spend 10.8 million.

We also introduced a checkbox that would flag if another team was making on offer on a player that you are bidding on as well.  Can't remember what the census was on it.

That said some potential wrinkles to discuss

Some mentioned in the past that they'd like to see an option that if they lost out on player x, that their bid for a player y would come into play.  Their argument was that it would prevent being awarded two players of somewhat equal value from the same position.  Perhaps, something we could discuss to see if we couldn't find a workaround that would allow for something to account for this without rewriting the entire structure.  However, the current systems structure does account for this at least in part, if you get outbid, take the bidding to the next round.  

Personally, I think it looks cool on the surface but I have reserves about the current structures of something like this as it has the potential to rapidly drain the free agent pool of talent much faster and make it more difficult for teams with less cap to get their hands on some quality free agents.  Willing to discuss it to see if these kinks could be ironed out to make it work.  Perhaps if we devalued the second offer by a heavier percentage, like 10 or 12 percent.  So the second bid would really need to be overvalued cap wise. 

Anyway just spitballing, if you guys have any other ideas for some added wrinkles post it. 




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