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2020 Is Weird: When Do the Chiefs Get Their Rings?


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The pandemic has caused plenty of changes. Here’s another: The defending Super Bowl champions are still waiting to get their Super Bowl rings.

The Chiefs have yet to get the ultimate individual recognition of achieving the NFL’s top prize. Earlier this week, a Chiefs spokesperson told PFT that there’s no definitive word on the distribution of the oversized items of jewelry.

Obviously, a ring ceremony/party won’t be practical this year. It’s also possible that the pandemic delayed the production of the rings.

Usually, the Super Bowl champions receive their rings by the end of June. With so many members of the starting lineup back for 2020 (despite the opt outs of guard Laurent Duvernay-Tardif and running back Damien Williams), it’s easier than it would be in most other years to hand out the rings during camp or, at the latest, just before the first game of the regular season.


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I don't see a pic of this part yet but the scores on the inside have the comeback deficits underneath in brackets

24 for Houston

10 for Tennessee

10 for SF


I heard this from Marc Vandermeer. It was not his favorite topic. (He's the Voice of the Texans)

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7 hours ago, SkippyX said:

I heard this from Marc Vandermeer. It was not his favorite topic. (He's the Voice of the Texans)

***And now - brought to you by D&M Auto Leasing and Louis Florie at Ability Trees - the weekly @SkippyX and @ET80 Houston sports talk revue***

I cannot STAND Marc Vandermeer. He's an excellent play-by-play guy... but his actual radio work is SO annoying. He's too polly-anna on the Texans, he always assumes the best case scenario on everything (in the middle of the 2016 season, he said "this could be that LEGENDARY moment to launch his career!" about Brock Osweiler after a Colts SNF game) and his pop culture references are completely and totally out of touch to anyone under the age of 60 (The Greatful Dead? Green Acres? Gilligan's Island?) 

It's a shame, because it takes away from John Harris - who is also too polly-anna for my tastes, but he's actually understands football and breaks down the Xs and Os in a meaningful way. When Harris breaks down his top 100 players list before the draft, I'm actually amazed at how much detail and clarity he has on each guy he's talking about. He's watching it all... he's got an eye for it.

Vandermeer is trash - just leave him in the booth with Andre Ware.

***This has been the weekly Houston sports talk revue with @SkippyX and @ET80 - brought to you by D&M Auto Leasing and Ability Trees***

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