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Week 1: Packers (0-0) at VIKINGS (0-0)


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1 minute ago, RpMc said:

I'll comment one thing that I really enjoyed watching today...

Eric Kendricks.

Kendricks was awesome, Harrison Smith and Anthony Harris seemed good, and it was great seeing two TD each for Dalvin Cook and Adam Thielen. 

I thought Greg Jennings did a pretty good job as a commentator. 

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16 minutes ago, SemperFeist said:

None of which should be news for Zimmer. They haven’t had Hunter or Pierce all training camp, and the corners haven’t changed. Where was the game plan to generate pressure from unconventional ways? 

Only Dantzler and Ngakoue are new to the defense. Everyone else have been in this scheme for 3 or more seasons. 

Maybe the problem is that Zimmer IS using the same schemes. Teams have caught on and Zimmer isn’t doing enough to change. 


It's all excuses

The one's who can't show any criticism towards Zimmer no matter what. He was lost this game. Not even an ounce of a clue and he knew what he had coming into the game. 

There was no surprise blitzing. No exotic formations. No trickery. 

We suck. There's no excuses. If you blame the pass rush, congrats.... We have 2 more games minimum without Hunter. If you blame the CBs, we have 6+ games of this until they learn the game.

There's no excuse besides we don't have the defense this year. There's no shame in it being a lost year and it gets better next year but people here are crediting it to one game.... newsflash.... Things aren't going to get better anytime soon.

The pass rush won't get better in a week without Hunter. The kid CBs aren't taking a big step forward in a week.

Even the vets played like trash. Hughes was killed. Harry/Kendricks/Harris blew a big play.

That's scary. 

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Just now, Heimdallr said:

Sometime in the 4th quarter I had to ask my buddy if he was even playing because I didn't remember his name being called once

He’s good at executing his responsibilities. But he’s being paid like a guys who’s supposed to be doing more than just his job. 

There’s just no playmaking from him. 

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18 minutes ago, SemperFeist said:

Is Zimmer being saved by the narrative that Kirk Cousins can’t win a big game/beat good teams, when it’s his defense that seems to crumble in those situations far more often?

Can’t it be both?

I’d also love to see “far more often” substantiated.

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We've got Capers in tow, how do we not utilize more fire zone blitz packages?  More under fronts? I wish I still had my NFL game pass account to actually get deeper into the breakdown.

With the youth at cornerback, and two safeties that can play an interchangeable type game I'd shift under, and play a lot of cover-5/6 as a change up to cover-3 and 1-rat.  K.I.S.S. for these kids.

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