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Wyld Stallyns

Increased Turnovers (INTs first)

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When Ballard was hired, he said that he wanted to bring in players who could create turnovers. First round pick Malik Hooker was one of the key pieces in that he had 7 INTs for Ohio St last year while the Colts as a whole only had 8.  

2016 INTs (8)

3 CB/ FS Darius Butler

2 SS Mike Adams 

1 CB Vontae Davis, CB Darryl Morris and OLB Akeem Ayers

2017 INTs (6)

3 FS Malik Hooker (Weeks 2,3,4) 

2 CB Rashaan Melvin (Week 3 both) 

1 SS Matthias Farley (Week 4)

As you might notice, Butler and Davis are the only players with INTs remaining from last year, on this years roster. Butler is now Hooker’s backup and Davis just played his first game today. 



right now I know the Colts had 15 forced fumbles in 2016 and 16 fumble recoveries (6 of which were recovered by offensive players) but there is no differentiation between OFF/DEF/SP in the numbers I have right now so I don’t want to start breaking that down yet.

The numbers in 2017 show there have been 1 FF (FS Butler) and 1 FR (ILB Jeremiah George). These numbers don’t include tonight’s game yet nor the 5 FRs by offensive players.

to be continued and edited later

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Hooker's been playing good thus far in terms of getting interceptions. As a whole the team has to play better defense. 4 games in and already 2 games have seen the team give up 40 or more points.

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I feel like the secondary may shape up quite well next season. I really like the type of players that CB is bringing in. Malik not only has that fast range over the middle of the field, he has that center fielder mentality. Could we have a future pro bowler on D?

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