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Week 1 Raiders at Panthers GDT


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40 minutes ago, NYRaider said:

Interested to see how our LB's hold up against McCaffery. Our young CB's will also be tested going up against DJ Moore, Robby Anderson, and Curtis Sammuel. 

That will be a huge test straight out the box for the LBs, quite nervous about that. 

I think this is a game a good team with playoff aspirations should win, if we do confidence will grow. Losing will be a big setback.

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Huge game for the Raiders as this is a must win with how 4 of the 5 games games to start the season are not easy at all and need to get the one game where they have pretty much all the advantages.

Panthers start 3 new players on the offensive line and the offensive line requires the most time to gel this an advantage the Raiders front 4 has to take advantage.

CMC will be a tough test for the Raiders two new Lbs but they both have faced him before and should know what to expect.

This is a game where you have to force Teddy to beat you with his arm and if that happens you just deal with it. Panthers offer a nice challenge for the Raiders young CB’s. Samuel and Anderson can fly so have to make sure the back end coverage is there.

This is a huge opportunity for Carr to come out and make a statement. 3rd year in the system returning 10 starters should come out firing. Even with two rookie WR’s most likely starting the Raiders still hold a huge advantage on offense. Raiders should look to attack Whitehead if the Panthers are dumb enough to leave him on the field on 3rd down. Waller and company should be salivating at the opportunity to attack him and he is playing MLB for them so there will be many opportunities to go right at him.

I will say Raiders win 29-22

Waller,Edwards and Jacobs get the TD’s

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1 hour ago, Humble_Beast said:

Panthers are suppose to have one of the worst defenses in the league. Our defense will he tested by the best RB in the league. Teddy hungry to prove himself this year too, could be a shootout. 

I think that have a pretty good defense. It's just really young, so we'll see

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I’d hope we can get Whitehead matches up with a RB or TE in coverage a few times.... it’d be nice to be on the other side of that one.

Btw... their punter was one of the UDFA’s i was insisting we sign.  And he didn’t sign until July.  

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