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Cardinals extending WR DeAndre Hopkins


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On 9/8/2020 at 3:55 PM, DirtyDez said:

Glad he’s happy now...  Will be interesting to see the cap hits each season. 

conflicting things out there.

from my understanding of what is being reported, the cardinals added on two years to his deal, and gave him 42m in guarantees. He already had a 3 year deal with no guaranteed money, so he is under contract for another 5. sprotrac doesnt have anything for the last two years of the deal so I am not sure what the actual figures are

from what I read, it was 54m in new money. 27m signing bonus and according to the article below the last year is voidable. so if I am understanding this correctly, he got a 27m signing bonus, and then year 4 salary will be 27m NONguaranteed base salary, and the 5th year is voidable, meaning its not actually a 5 year contract, its a 4 year contract, which realistically he will get cut after the 3rd year because 27m is A LOT to pay a WR in base salary, not to mention he will cost an additional 5.5m against the cap in year 4. so 32.5m cap hit in year 4, or 11m in dead space if you cut him after 3 years, with 21m in savings.

I guess you can do that when you have a qb on a rookie deal but still... 32.5m is an absurd cap hit for a WR. 11m is palatable if you need to move on from him at that point. they could always extend him again before year 4 and push out that cap hit further but idk

42 million in guarantees with a 27 million signing bonus means that somewhere he has 15million in base salary guaranteed, so the cards could easily just be the cardinals guaranteeing some portion of years 21 or 22 (which are the two years he was already signed for) and not beyond that. wh



I really dont think this was that great of a deal to where people should praise him for no agent. He did get 27m upfront for the 3 years he already had, and the cardinals were able to spread the cap hit out for an additional 2 years beyond that, while throw him a bone with nonguaranteed money in a ridiculous sum of 27 million dollars that will never be paid. Good for him for getting 27m up front, but the rest of this is just fluff. He is still only a cardinal for three more years. 

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1 minute ago, FinneasGage said:

i've been a disappointment i know. my bad lol. KTA hasn't gone down as anticipated. i got lazy immediately. who should i nom besides pickle? 

Get back in the discord for a sec...

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