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Deadpulse's Sig Gallery - Open


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I do have a few rules: 

1. One request at a time from individuals 

2. Do not send me a request and another artist for the same thing 

3. DO NOT PM ME REQUESTS! Post them in this thread please! 

4. I will not completely redo a request because you dont like it. I will make some minor adjustments but I will not scrap something. 

5. When I make you a sig, I expect it gets worn. If I see you got a new sig within a week, no more sigs for you from me. I find it a disrespect of my own personal time. 


Below are some examples of my work:






Please note the above are sigs I made for other users, please dont use! 

Also worth noting, sig restrictions are fierce in the new era, 600x120 MAX, it does limit me so be aware!

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11 minutes ago, titans0021 said:

Now that we're about to hit TC, could I get a Kevin Byard (S, Titans) sig? No specific requests, they always turn out well.

was worried about finding a good render, but damn, that bro is photogenic

I'll get on this 

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5 hours ago, Deadpulse said:

always down for a challenge, what do you got?

So I was thinking something of the lines of the logos I have on the bottom. You can use a different font for my name if you want, but something with the logos on it, you can shorten my name to just 'bDoDDleS' if you want too. With this picture incorporated on there. I'd like if you could incorporate all 600 pixels if possible, rather have a large than small one. Also if possible could you make a matching avatar with whatever font you use that just says 'bD' or 'Mr bD' however you do it is up to you. The avatar doesn't need the Cam image in it, just a matching one or something similar like I have going on currently.  LMK, if not it's all good too. I just thought new forum, new clothes, so to speak. 


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On 7/19/2017 at 11:03 PM, EliteTexan80 said:

Can you make me a sig with this image?

Would be nice if I could get a "3x Mr. fanTASTic" in the image somewhere, but no worries if you can't.

(those damn TASTys is all I got, man!)

I had a hard time getting the text to flow with the render, so I kinda just tacked it on. If you dont like the text, its an easy fix just let me know! 


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