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Week 5: Arizona Cardinals @ Philadelphia Eagles

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Arizona Cardinals vs Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday, October 5th at 1:00pm est.

I'm very excited for this game!  So far this season most people are talking about the Rams great start and the Seattle Seahawks as the main contenders for the NFC West title, but what about the Cardinals?  At the moment the Cardinals are 2-2 and right in the thick of things.  The Eagles are at 3-1, so this is a huge game for both teams.  I'm really looking forward to seeing the Eagles passing attack vs the Cardinals pass defense.  Carson Wentz and the Eagles are off to a fantastic start - can Patrick Peterson and the guys slow them down?  What other match-ups are you guys interested in seeing?

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Our defense can stop anyone. I firmly believe that. You can attack Justin Bethel all you want, but just know that Branch and Bethea aren't far away to lend a hand. Peterson has been stupid good this year. Pierre Garcon got a couple of catches from him last week, but that wasn't even for 40 yards. 

If we can get Humphries back for this game, that is huge. Giving Carson time in the pocket is how we will win football games this year, and if we can get Humphries back and move Wetzel inside, I like our chances this year so much more. Where this game will be won or lost is in the Eagles front 7 vs our Oline. 

I see yet another close game here this week. My gut tells me we lose this game, but my brain is trying to convince it otherwise

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