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Week 1 GDT - New Look Patriots host Phins

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2 minutes ago, DoleINGout said:

Excuse me, what kind of team?



causing slight but persistent discomfort or anxiety.

"he has had a niggly injury which he is now over"


denoting or engaging in trivial or irritating criticism.

"we get very niggly with each other"



Haha, dirty mofos. We'll go with that.

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Harry's fumble notwithstanding, I saw very little in the offense that gave me real cause for concern. I'd like to see the rookie TEs get involved more, and obviously not every opponent will allow the Pats to run the ball with this much effectiveness. But Cam, the OL and backs really looked solid. 

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Harry was a major disappointment in my book.. 

He had multiple catches he should have gotten more out of.. for such a strong guy you'd think he could push corners forward instead of falling backwards. Same with the fumble.. you can't be that careless, especially near the end zone. I'm VERY nervous about the receivers this year, running may work for a few games but teams will quickly force them to throw more. 

Michel is what he is at this point.. was nice to see JJ have some burst, i'll be happy if Michel gets used less and less moving forward. 

Did Uche, Dugger, Asiasi, Keene, etc. play? I didn't notice anything from the rookies this game other than Taylor. 

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13 hours ago, CP3MVP said:

I was suprised at how much they attacked gilmore. They had success last year in NE but still. Most teams don’t challenge him like that 

Yeah they must have been boisterous on their chances with Devante again. This time, however, Devante was left with a bruised ego and bruised body.

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