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2021 - NFL Draft Prospects Thread

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9 hours ago, Nextyearfordaboyz said:

Kiper’s new mock has us trading back to New England’s pick for their 2022 1st round pick and still landing Jaycee Horn. Yes please.

Great scenario.  I'm on board.

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1 hour ago, Texas_OutLaw7 said:

Which do you prefer:

1. Pitts at 10

2. Get a 2022 1st rounder + Horn at 15


I think I'll take horn and double dip powder next year. 

Option 2 all day.  The flexibility of an additional #1 and arguably the best CB prospect > Pitts. 

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8 hours ago, 49erurtaza said:

My buddy is a cowboys fan and we made a 7 round mock draft. It was a interesting first 10 picks of the draft because Pitts and Surtain ended up being gone. 


Frankly I'll be a bit let down if this is how the draft shakes out. Back to back S in the third was weird for me. 

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1 hour ago, WizardHawk said:

He’s a CB1 prospect imo, but too many penalties to be classified in same breathe as other two.

7 pass interference calls in his last 14 games and missed time every season because of injury.

I like a lot about his tape, too, but draft Twitter is galaxy braining this. Newsome is not on the same tier as those guys as a prospect. You can’t reasonably justify selecting him ahead of Surtain or Horn. 

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