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The Raider Appreciation Thread 📈

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On 10/22/2020 at 11:35 PM, #1RAIDER FAN said:

What do you guys make of Ferrel's play this season? Interesting the call out of fundamentals which he was lauded for coming out of the draft. Sorry if this has been posted before but didn't see it.  This seemed to me (live) like Ferrell's best game. 


Definitely Ferrell's best game, he played good fundamentals but as the video points out caused disruption too. I'm absolutely fine with him not getting the gaudy stats like sacks if he plays this effectively. He will gey some effort sacks in time and maybe with Kwiatkoski back we will start to click on the whole D. Vickers was very impressive too, looks fast and very agile for a DT.

With regards to Ferrell overall this season I'd have to say I'm a little underwhelmed. This is the first real game he's put any consistent amount of pressure on the QB and I thought he'd be our breakout player this year. He is IMO playing with better leverage and looks stronger and has been decent in run play but he's never going to be a quick twitch, bendy pass rusher. He's been decent to good holding the point of attack, setting the edge and tackling but he needs to be applying pressure to the QB more each week.

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