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The Raider Appreciation Thread 📈

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5 hours ago, agarcia34 said:

He can definitely play longer then 5 more years, but the next 5 years would have to be at a high level that matches this past season then as he hits 32/33 start to slow down and become that 800 yard TE and then I can see him become a HOF. 

Look at Kelce 5 straight 1,000 yard seasons. He would need to have that type of production. 

He has a chance to do it and some rewards will help him out as well like making some all pro teams and continue to rack up those pro bowls. 

He's only getting better right now at the nuances of the game. He went superhuman in the 2nd half and showed us truly who he can be.

In the 1st half, he was good but disappointing to me because I think he's an all world player.

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9 hours ago, oakdb36 said:

Charles Woodson and Tom Flores to the Hall Of Fame!


If I was Tom Flores I would record myself giving a speech now.  Just in case.  This man deserves to have his voice heard.  I look forward to seeing him put on his gold jacket.  As for C. Wood.  Damn right he's a HOF.

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