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The Raider Appreciation Thread 📈

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6 hours ago, MrOaktown_56 said:

He’ll get better at tackling. Already has A grade coverage and instincts. Going from Harris to him has been a massive upgrade.

I have definitely seen the improvement over the weeks. That’s one of the things I’ve actually been monitoring.

In the ravens game his angles were horrible. In the Steelers game he didn’t really get tested.

In the dolphins game his angles were horrible.

The Chargers game is where are you really began to see the improvement. He made some key tackles in the open field.

In the Bears and Broncos game he was very good at tackling. Hopefully he stays consistent 

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I was a big Trevon fan during the draft process. He’s pretty much been everything I thought he would be his first year. He took some bad angles the first couple weeks, but has cleared that up. Once he starts to trust his eyes more and reads the routes the big INT plays will come. 

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24 minutes ago, Jeremy408 said:


Nate Hobbs is a great player at a very key position. Not every team even has a starter level player at slot corner

Let's be real..... did anyone expect us to have two CBs we could say this about prior to hitting our Bye week?

If you said "yes", please see yourself out b/c you're lying lol. 

This is extremely impressive and Hobbs has been the best pick of our draft thus far.

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