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2020 Baltimore Ravens Roster Tracker

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Could be a factor, hopefully none of the other Wolfpack members are left in a similar spot. As long as the team handles business however, this might be a solid enough opportunity to get a look at whoever the team has as our backup holder. Koch is getting up there and retirement could come at any point in the coming seasons.

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42 minutes ago, drd23 said:


Good. He was literally so bad that he made Frank Clark and Corey Ivy look like quality corners. He was so bad that while Ivy/Walker found ways to consistently get on the field for an extended period, the coaches couldn’t even justify keeping this man on the field.

... but maybe there’s hope. I mean, Anthony Averrett has made a career out of getting abused... and yet somehow he was able to develop and turn things around. He’s not beyond capable when he’s on. Throw in Chuck Clark’s development as a late round safety, etc, etc... got to give a lot of credit to potentially future DC Chris Hewitt.

So if anyone can turn Bonds around, MAYBE it’s Hewitt... though I’m not hopeful. Guessing Bonds goes back to the PS.

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3 minutes ago, sp6488 said:

Apparently Jordan Mills is Tramon Williams's cousin...

Didn't know that..

Also didn't know Lamar was Adoree Jackson's Uncles' Grandson..

Did know that Anthony Averett was Bryant McKinnie's nephew though 😅.

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