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2020 Baltimore Ravens Roster Tracker

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14 minutes ago, AFlaccoSeagulls said:

"help is on the way!"

Wow. This says a lot. The team went with Tramon Williams, who doesn’t know the system over Brandon Carr. This says a lot about how the team feels about Carr’s abilities. Though I suppose the Cowboys releasing him also said a lot.

Anyone watch any of Tramon Williams? Was he washed last season? At his age you’d have to think there’s not much left in the tank... still has to be better than some of the inexperience we’ve been fielding though.

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Man, if Williams is as good as PFF graded him last season that could be an absolutely special addition to this defense. Marlon back on the outside, plus it allows Jimmy Smith to go back to being the guy who shuts down tight ends, while reducing his snap count so that he can heal up his back and Achilles for a playoff stretch run.

We also don’t NEED to play Williams a ton of snaps to start and can allow him to get his sea legs up under him. Our corners could go back to being a true strength of the team from top to bottom. If he’s not shot, we’ve got the corners to go 5 deep with nearly any WR contingent in the league... just not really the speed to match up with Kansas City’s.

Get Campbell back up and healthy and with the experience the young DL are getting, this move could be just what the doctor ordered.

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Congrats on signing Tramon Williams - he's consummate professional, still a talented player and 5 star human being
Tramon learned the ropes from Charles Woodson and like Woodson, he can play inside or out. Can also handle spot duty as free safety, but he's not doing much hitting these days. He's obviously slowing down, but his decade in the league allows him to win with smarts and film study. You'll be very glad to have him on the team and so will your coaches. Happy he's going to a top notch team and has a chance at another ring.

Good luck to Williams and the Ravens


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One thing that could be interesting with Williams is his experience playing inside, outside, AND safety. If we go into a four-CB dime package with Williams and Smith on the field, Wink could possibly cook up some interesting deception where it can easily turn into a three-safety package, with EITHER Smith or Williams turning into the third safety.

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3 hours ago, AFlaccoSeagulls said:

Specially against this team, where their WR's are....bad.

Yup. If Terrell Bonds gives up career games to these WRs, throw it all away. Dude would definitely cement himself into that Corey Ivy/Frank Walker level, even considering his improvement as the game went on against the Colts (or was the Rivers just getting worse?)

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