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I’m excited to see tramon williams get more playing time with the team. I am less excited with the possible injury to Humphrey. He was definitely favoring his left shoulder after the missed TD pass in the redzone, and he went out on the last series after cam’s late slide/possible late hit on him. If his shoulder is falling apart it definitely impacts his play style

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1 hour ago, AFlaccoSeagulls said:

I mean, low risk high upside kinda guy I suppose. I think this is a move for the future. 

The timing is curious though, considering we are really lacking on the DL and Safety.

Could mean there are setbacks with Anthony Averett moving forward... but it also could mean the team wants to try and preserve Jimmy and the rest of our corners. They all look like they’re beginning to break down a little more. Getting an extra corner could allow us to give them some additional off time during the week to recover (maybe?)

2 hours ago, drd23 said:



Looking at PFF (for what that’s worth) he appears to have a similar up and down grading to Anthony Averett, though his lows aren’t quite as low as Terrell Bonds. The team clearly weren’t able to rely on Bonds or Dorsey in any capacity as talents. If Desir can give Averett (this season) level play from our #4 CB than it’ll definitely make us more versatile for the stretch run. Not as much weakness to pick a part as the Steelers did with us in our 1st meeting.

Though, I’m sure Desir won’t be available in time for the Steelers rematch. Not much of anything, but definitely better depth than what we had to trot out when Marlon and Jimmy were both down. That was embarrassing for sure.

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28 minutes ago, drd23 said:


He’d be more accurate in saying, “team needs warm bodies regardless of the position.” 😂

I mean, we might run out of players before the Steelers game even starts. At this point, I’m just excited about half our guys having an additional bye week or two. I’m already writing the Steelers game in as an L, but if we can beat the Cowboys with a depleted roster and avoid injuries, getting a bunch of bodies back and fresh for the Browns game would be quite the boon.

Make the playoffs with guys healthy and ready to go and just turn that into a playoff win. Get that monkey off this teams back before we build our “actual” SB contending squad.

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So here are my thoughts on this:

  • Looks like Trace McGoatley is going to be the backup, which is good news.
  • Getting both our C's back is nice, but I feel like CTC did a really good job and should be rewarded for that by keeping his starting spot and moving Mekari somehwere else (RG?).
  • Anthony Averett returning means we probably don't see any more Tramon Williams, which I really hope doesn't happen because Averett is trash and Tramon + Harris have actually played nicely for us in a pinch.
  • Getting JK back for this next game is huge.
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