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Ante Up - Give us your BOLD Raider predictions!

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I'll offer up a few early ones for the entire season:

  1. Bryan Edwards ends up with more receptions and TDs than Ruggs. We all know Carr loves his big bodied possession guys and Edwards should be that from day one. I don't think he'll edge him in yards but could see Edwards upping him in the other major categories.
  2. Trayvon Mullen finishes top 10 in the league in interceptions. He ended his rookie season with a lone interception but he easily should have had 2 more, one for a TD iirc. He was seemingly in the right place and made good breaks, I just hope he hits the jugs machines. 
  3. Darren Waller leads all TEs in yards. Our true #1 receiving threat ended his first real season with 1,145. I think Ruggs will take the tops off and Jacobs will continue to command 8 men in the box. Kittle, Kelce, Ertz? Nah.
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6 hours ago, Rolni said:

We get into the PO as a wildcard team,  then got lucky, because the Chiefs and the Ravens áré on the other "side" together, so we march till the AFC Championship game, where Mahomes and Reid finnish our season...

Haha I think you read my mind!

I have us spluttering and scraping into the playoffs then getting slightly lucky by drawing a team like the Texans in the wild card round and beating them, progressing to the next round and getting knocked off in a tight game by a team like the Ravens or Steelers.

If I have to go with another fairly bold prediction, I boldly predict we have 5 guys with 6 or more sacks and a plus 5 or better turnover differential 😀

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