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On 10/13/2020 at 8:58 PM, buno67 said:

Its not 11 more games. Its at least 27, maybe less cause of injuries. I think he deserves at least 2 years with Kevski

Hell, why not have the Browns decline his 5th yr option to keep the flexibility. If it works, you just franchise tag him. 5th yr option is prolly in the ball park of $25m for a QB and the franchise tag is $27.5. If baker plays well the rest of this year and next year, does it matter if he is on the 5th yr option or the franchise tag, both are going to lead to a nice contract extension. something like that would never happen tho. I would be perfectly fine in picking his 5th yr option and seeing how things go. People talk about this window, will the window stays open cause the Browns are going with another rookie QB and their not stuck in paying a QB or We have baker proving himself that he is worth it to be the franchise QB and the Browns roll with their franchise HC and franchise QB. Something we havent had since Shotty and Bernie

Like you said, we have seen a lot of improvement. Baker formed a lot of bad habits because of freddie and from his ego. All those things were not going to be corrected in a single covid offseason. I would love to see more and what they could do with a year under their belt. Have an offseason where they can hit the ground running, and not seeing the offense starting over from scratch again cause their is a new coaching staff and scheme. I would love to see the Browns run it back next year with their offense. They should return every starter,  who the hell knows the last time that happened for the Browns. With all that returning, I would love to see them invest a lot of capital into correcting the defense

If he performs 40,000,000 a year earlier 

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Most draft pundits say that this is a good year for safeties, but it's confusing because not many have any of the safeties going in round 1.  I think there will be a quick run of safeties early in round 2.  I was re-watching Grant Delpit and it appears he is most effective when attacking the line of scrimmage.  With that said I think the Browns should look to target Trevon Moehrig FS TCU the dude is 6'2 200.  He plays best when being a free roaming back end safety.  I think these two would compliment each other quite nicely.  

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On 10/16/2020 at 2:33 PM, NudeTayne said:

If there is much more talk in here about replacing(!!!) Baker in the draft, I'm ready to lick this thread and hand out warnings. Consider this a pre-warning.

I'll give you something to lock.

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look, we're both mixing up words
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