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Brett Favre's game-tying 4th and goal TD pass to Sidney Rice in the midst of a comeback at Chicago.

Not my video; I wish I had been there to see that.

Second place has to be the Minneapolis Miracle. I happened to be watching with my mother, who doesn't care that much much about sports. But even she was riveted by that game, and when Diggs walked off on the Saints we hugged and jumped up and down screaming. Not something you hear a lot of at her house. 😆

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14 hours ago, SemperFeist said:

I was at this game, and sitting in the 15th row of the end zone where Williams scored. Craziest play I’ve ever witnessed. 

Hey I was there too. Opposite end zone, don't remember what row but nosebleed seats (best we could get through a tour company from Canada). 

There was something like 10 seconds left in the half and the Vikings were 3rd and long on their own side of midfield. Culpepper danced around before throwing deep to Moss, sort of like a Hail Mary but well short of the end zone. Moss made the catch surrounded by Broncos, so it didn't look like he'd score. The play seemed to take forever even as Culpepper launched the throw, so my first thought as Moss came down with it was to look to the game clock and see if there was time left to call timeout and kick a FG. I glanced over and as I glanced back the crowd roared -- Moss had just lateraled to Moe Williams. I didn't actually see the lateral itself and from behind him I didn't realize at first that Williams had the ball, until he held it up as he high stepped into the end zone. I was sitting next to my dad, who's legally blind (low vision, not completely blind) and he didn't understand what happened either from that distance, through binoculars. We didn't react until my brother on the other side of him yelled something like what a lateral and we all went crazy.

They were unbeaten after that game, I think the best record in the league at that point. The memory of the high scoring teams from 1998-2001 wasn't far off, and it seemed like they were back as a contender. Of course the year fell apart and they lost 7 of their last 10, including 4 games to the 4 worst teams in the league (all of whom finished 4-12 and started their backup QBs vs the Vikings), the last of which was the famous Josh McCown play in Arizona. 

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5 hours ago, vikesfan89 said:

For a while it was the Greg Lewis touch down by i think the Minneapolis miracle passed that up because of it being the playoffs and who it was against.  I make it to at most 1 game a year and somehow I was at both of those 

I loved the Greg Lewis play because, if only for a short time, we had Favre magic after seeing him do it for Green Bay for so long. 

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