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Tracking the Seattle Seahawks

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On 1/10/2021 at 8:38 AM, Big T said:

Not only are we getting the 23rd pick, but Seattle is about to endure the Jamal Adams foot stomp pretty soon. 

You see, NOW, they have to pay him, now they have to come up with the contract.

Adams wants between 15-17 million a year, AND ITS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.

The very best at his position only gets about 11 million maybe even less.

Wait, he's about to call every body names. I'm so glad this guy is gone, yes he is very good at his position, but not worth the headache.

How much better was the trade for the Seahawks? It took 18 games, they were 1 game better than all the teams which did not make the playoffs.


I was wrong, they gave him the money. The Seahawks for all the talent they have will still wind up giving the Jets a premium pick in 2022. While I don't want to see anyone injured on the team, I will be rooting for them to have a terrible year. LOL

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On 9/19/2021 at 7:12 PM, doumeyer said:

Wilson being Wilson again over 300 yards passing and two TD's, THIS TEAM LOOK DEAD AT THE END OF LAST SEASON. I thought we would have two top five first round picks.

LOL, we may have at least one! My guess is that we will wind up with a 17-23 first rounder from Seattle.

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Seattle is exposed as not a very good team. They improved the OL, but the CB's and S were exposed yesterday. Stafford went almost the entire length of the field within 3 minutes and scored easily. Stafford who was under throwing most of the night, but was killing them on short passes.

I think it is possible that the Seahawks could wind up 9-8 or less 8-9 depending upon Wilson's recovery. 

Like others who post here, we are not rooting for Wilson or any player to be hurt, but we are rooting for a subpar year and only so the Jets could get a better number 1 come 2022.

I constantly read, ohhhh, the Jets are playing teams who's WR's are out. But conveniently dismissing the fact that major pieces to the Jets team, foundation pieces are not playing. 

Injuries are part of the game, we have all come to the realization that on any given day, a player loss could alter a season, especially a major piece of any individual team.

The Seahawks have this going for them, they hit the bye week at the right time and Wilson will have time to recoup.

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