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Week 5 GDT - @ Buccaneers

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Thursday, October 5.  8:25PM.   NFLN, AMZN, CBS
Raymond James Stadium, Tampa Florida.


Will this be the Patriots on to Cincinnati moment?  Backs against the wall, off a terrible loss, lots of parts looking disorganized and scheme being all over the place, but obvious flashes of talent being there.   This would be a big win for the Patriots if they want to stay in the hunt for the #1 seed, they need to start gaining traction soon.  

Total offense:

Patriots (1st)
Buccaneers (9th)


Patriots (2nd)
Buccaneers (12th)

Total defense:

Patriots (32nd)
Buccaneers (9th)


Patriots (31st) [32.0]
Buccaneers (17th) [21.3]


Key Players:

Malcolm Butler - We need him to rebound.  He's been outmatched this season in every way, and the Bucs have the big and speedy receivers that have typically given him trouble.  

Gronkowski -  There are going to be opportunities for Gronk going up the seam.  He has been held back from running a ton of those the past two years because he seems to always get hurt on those.  But this matchup there is going to be opportunities given the scheme the Bucs run.  Will he stretch the field?  Be decoy?  TJ Ward is now on the Bucs...

McCourty - We're going to need him (and Chung) to play well because the Bucs like to chuck it deep.  Winston is capable of some spectacular throws (and his receivers particularly Evans catches), but he is also prone to loft a ball up for grabs.  We're going to need some turnovers for our defense to stem the tide.


We're on to Tampa


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I'm guessing Rowe will be out with whatever injury he went down with on Sunday.

Secondary needs to step up but with Rowe (presumably) out and the short week, I'm not expecting any big improvement. I'll settle for merely bad instead of horrendous

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At this point if they keep them below 27 I'll be ecstatic.


Would love to be pleasantly surprised with Rowes absence being filled with really good communication and transition throughout the game.

This team is 4 completely blown coverages away from being 4-0...hopefully they can at least show some progress.

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Defense will be bad again this week. With the short week they can't afford to make too many changes, so I'm not expecting a huge improvement.

Really think we have to pound the ball, control the clock, and limit their TOP. That has to be the defense on this short week.

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1 hour ago, 1ForTheThumb said:

Really think we have to pound the ball, control the clock, and limit their TOP. That has to be the defense on this short week.

And stop with the long progressing deep route plays. Play the quick hitting short game, a ton of screens, misdirection, on top of the run game. Run that clock, have a heafty TOP lead. 

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Just read that Boger consistently penalises the Pats more than the team we face. 

Boger was the referee for the famous “We’re on to Cincinnati” game where he flagged the Patriots 12 times for 114 yards and the Bengals just 4 times for 37 yards. Boger also called the game between the Patriots and Rams in 2016 and called 8 penalties against the Patriots versus just 4 for Los Angeles. On Sunday, Boger flagged the Patriots 7 times and the Panthers only once.


I don't want to see this bent Boger ever again. 

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I think the Patriots might be able to win this game with their offense exposing a weak Tampa pass defense to go along with Tampa only having 1 sack on the year which should make Brady comfortable this week for a change.

Also the Bucs don't have a threat of the run to scare the Pats with or not a RB to hand off to atleast. 

The only thing that scares me is the usual suspect which is the Pats pass defense which may be in for a long day with the Jameis Winstin having some good targets to throw to in the form of WR's/TE's Evans, Jackson, Howard & Braite. 

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